Changes for Sinespace Project

August 19 - October 1

Covers the previous 500 changes. Excludes 352 changes not marked public.

October 1

Bug Fix/Improvement: Fixes ongoing warnings related to custom animation controllers (10252)
Bug Fix/Improvement: Fixing exception in seat scripts (10251)
Bug Fix/Improvement: Fix an edge case in avatar loading where it could get stuck. (10249)
Bug Fix/Improvement: Fixes an issue where if lots of avatars login/logout avatars stop loading. (10247)
New Feature: Adds Space.TypeName(obj) to scripting. Returns the class name of the selected parameter. (10246)
Bug Fix/Improvement: Attempt to fix issue with avatar loading getting stuck. (10245)
Bug Fix/Improvement: Automatic log report shortcut now has a small notification that a log is being uploaded. (10244)
Others: 4 changes not listed

September 30

Bug Fix/Improvement: fix an issue that if no incoming event in 7 days, there will be an error when trying to open the event win (10242)
Bug Fix/Improvement: add containsKey test before add data in to Dictionary (10232)
Others: 7 changes not listed

September 29

New Feature: Events are now fully integrated inworld, including create/delete/invites. (10231)
Bug Fix/Improvement: UI cleanup of Events window (10228)
New Feature: Add an option to choose maximum loaded avatars(in Setting win -> Misc) (10222)
Bug Fix/Improvement: SNetwork.Chat.JoinChat should now properly open a chat tab. (10217)
Others: 17 changes not listed

September 28

New Feature: SChat.JoinVoice can now create spatialized zones. (10212)
Bug Fix/Improvement: Will not attempt to set Vivox volume until after it has initialised, preventing a crash. (10211)
Bug Fix/Improvement: Fixing login screen bug in build (10210)
New Feature: Adds SScene.SwitchToInstance(uint id) to scripting, allows scripts to switch between region shards without a region reload. (10196)
Bug Fix/Improvement: Fixed issue #1736: Report Abuse win can't be close totally and shouldn't accept null text (10195)
Bug Fix/Improvement: use UIManager.CanvasStatus to control Enable/Disable of the UI display, to avoid custom color broken issue. (10194)
New Feature: add new function -- Event notification, will alarm user the event he owned/joined 5 mins before the event start. (10193)
Others: 16 changes not listed

September 27

Bug Fix/Improvement: Fixing another bug which stops the viewer from launching (affecting 10181) (10188)
New Feature: Pre upload of the EventsWin (10183)
Others: 6 changes not listed

September 25

Bug Fix/Improvement: Fixing EP? (10179)
Bug Fix/Improvement: Fixing EP build (round 9842948294582098509227809...) (10176)
Bug Fix/Improvement: Fix UnityWebRequest error in EmbeddedVideoBaseInternal.cs (10173)
Bug Fix/Improvement: Add null test to InviteBtn. (10172)
Bug Fix/Improvement: Fixed UnityWebRequest error in YouTubeResolveURL.cs (10163)
Bug Fix/Improvement: EP compile error (10160)
Bug Fix/Improvement: Fixes editor pack (round 2) (10159)
Bug Fix/Improvement: Fixing building .NET 4.7 projects which should fix the editor pack build. (10158)
Bug Fix/Improvement: Fixed error in BPM counter in audio reactive component. (10157)
Bug Fix/Improvement: fixed an issue that cannot upload item when add particle to a virtual good (10156)
Others: 22 changes not listed

September 24

Bug Fix/Improvement: Volume sliders should now effect VOIP services in real time. (10151)
New Feature: Adding support to disable crouching/flying/jumping/running via script. (10150)
Bug Fix/Improvement: Fixes the outfit window when referenced game object counting is enabled. (10149)
New Feature: Added support for changing UI element colors via Lua script. (10148)
Bug Fix/Improvement: Preloading screen should no longer get stuck when restoring WebRTC session. (10147)
Bug Fix/Improvement: Fix on warnings (10146)
Bug Fix/Improvement: fix on warnings,rewrite some obsolete functions. (10133)
Bug Fix/Improvement: disable 3rd party's obsolete warnings (10132)
Others: 23 changes not listed

September 23

Bug Fix/Improvement: If an avatar takes more than 60 seconds to load, the viewer will now throw a giant red ! above the avatars head, and move onto the next avatar in queue. (Hopefully helps track down remaining loading related bugs) (10119)
Bug Fix/Improvement: Adds internal AvatarStressTest for stress testing large numbers of avatars doing assorted things. (10114)
Bug Fix/Improvement: Fixed avatar still in fly mode while fall down in mouse look state.Same as fly in mouse look state from ground and get out mouse look state in the sky,the avatar will in ground mode. (10110)
Bug Fix/Improvement: Fixed region info can't save data in sever while slug is empty. (10107)
Bug Fix/Improvement: Changes avatar loading colour to dark gray. (oops meant to be in earlier) (10106)
New Feature: Add invite window, so user can invite other users to an event, it's also designed for future general usage. (10104)
Bug Fix/Improvement: Fixed camera control and avatar movement error while playing gesture and then get in room edit mode. (10103)
Others: 11 changes not listed

September 22

New Feature: SimpleStateMachine component for creating interactive content without Lua scripts. Also accessible from scripts via Object.StateMachine. (10099)
New Feature: ScriptingEvents component for attaching Unity events to objects without a scripting runtime. Also accessible from scripts via Object.Events. (10099)
Bug Fix/Improvement: patch fix on 10060,a better way to avoid avatar stop loading and outfitwin can't close anymore. (10095)
Bug Fix/Improvement: add ultra skin back and add option to activate it. (10094)
Bug Fix/Improvement: issue 1634: Psuedo camera angles (10093)
Others: 3 changes not listed

September 21

Bug Fix/Improvement: Fixing recurring error in light proxy updater. (10087)
Bug Fix/Improvement: Small cleanup on window title text (windows only) (10086)
Bug Fix/Improvement: Reference counting loader can now be disabled. Disabling temporarily. (10085)
Bug Fix/Improvement: Fixing compile errors in viewer (10084)
Bug Fix/Improvement: Fixing stagger in QuickEyeDart/QuickBlink so it correctly levels performance use. (10083)
Bug Fix/Improvement: Reducing unwanted logspam (improves performance) (10083)
Bug Fix/Improvement: Levels load/unload detection in Avatar Loading Scheduler to improve performance (note; still a bit heavy - move to Burst?) (10083)
Bug Fix/Improvement: Lowers bone skinning quality when large numbers of avatars are in scene (roughly doubles performance) (10083)
New Feature: Precise resource loader support - now when individual items are deleted from the scene (starting with clothes), they will be unloaded from memory instantly, rather than at next collection pass. Lowers memory use. (10083)
Bug Fix/Improvement: fixed an issue that sometimes click user name will show wrong profile (10079)
Bug Fix/Improvement: Disable the colliders instead of destroying them to avoid cloth physic issues. (10073)
Bug Fix/Improvement: Adding new mechanism for loading assets in a reference counted manner for more precise loading/unloading of assets from memory. (10072)
Others: 12 changes not listed

September 20

Bug Fix/Improvement: Fixing a bug in avatar loading. (10071)
Bug Fix/Improvement: Dramatically improves avatar loading/unloading system for maintaining maximum number of loaded avatars (helpful in Low-RAM scenarios) (10070)
Others: 1 change not listed

September 18

Bug Fix/Improvement: Returning to prioritising finalisation over loading new clothing. This works better. (10069)
New Feature: Adds small preloading message at startup to make sure the viewer doesn't look like it's frozen (10067)
New Feature: Adds SRectTransform.Rect to scripting (10066)
New Feature: Adds SRect to scripting (10066)
Bug Fix/Improvement: Fixed the issue that when you play and stop gesture in the sky, you can walk in the air. (10065)
Bug Fix/Improvement: issue 1711: Full-avatar 2226414 turn to black when close outfit window (10063)
Bug Fix/Improvement: patch fix on 10060,bottom body disappeared while login in. (10062)
Bug Fix/Improvement: Fixed sometime the avatar loading coroutine stopped before loading completed,cause outfitwin can't close,loading mark didn't disappear.Look issues 1713,1716. (10060)
Bug Fix/Improvement: Fixed some error message,enable some avatar play animation in outfitwin. (10059)
Bug Fix/Improvement: Fixed the camera tooltip problem. (10058)
Bug Fix/Improvement: Capping fully rendered avatar count lower on mobile devices (10056)
New Feature: Added Spanish as a language option. (10053)
New Feature: Adding the ability to unload avatars from the scene when there are too many loaded for current memory constraints. (10051)
Bug Fix/Improvement: Adds option to resort priority queue on demand (normally only possible if priorities change) (10049)
Others: 11 changes not listed

September 17

Bug Fix/Improvement: Fix outfit win can't close when CurrentOwnedEffect == null (10048)
Bug Fix/Improvement: Fixed photo's content height didn't get the correct value in UserProfileWin. (10047)
Bug Fix/Improvement: Fixed 1707: See avatar stand on the car when driving in 2b71 (10046)
Others: 1 change not listed

September 16

Bug Fix/Improvement: SpaceNavigator works now. (10044)
Bug Fix/Improvement: Adds a warning if you delete the Editor Default Resources folder in the editor pack (10043)
Bug Fix/Improvement: Updates to Vivox 5.11 (10042)
Bug Fix/Improvement: issue 1706: Some photos are missing in profile (10041)
Bug Fix/Improvement: Fixed need click twice to open the Friend popMenu.Optimize instantiated popMenu. (10038)
Others: 4 changes not listed

September 15

Bug Fix/Improvement: AudioVolume component now switches target based on the active audio listener. (10035)
Bug Fix/Improvement: Fixing bug in AudioVolume component when AudioSource is missing. (10034)
Bug Fix/Improvement: Further prioritises players own updates when scheduling avatar tasks. (10030)
Bug Fix/Improvement: Reworks how avatar scheduling occurs, should fix issues with avatars being deleted during processing (10028)
Bug Fix/Improvement: fixed issue 1705:Non homanoids cannot waik/run normally when exit snapshot (10027)
Bug Fix/Improvement: do not replace the skin win loading a costume. (10025)
Others: 6 changes not listed

September 14

Bug Fix/Improvement: AvatarLoadScheduler will no longer pause one frame between initiating new jobs. Should improve performance on small fast executing jobs. (10024)
Bug Fix/Improvement: Loading diamond is placed into the correct avatar layer (10023)
Bug Fix/Improvement: Do not attempt to "set skin colour" on the loading material (10023)
Bug Fix/Improvement: Uses new Avatar Loading Scheduler for occlusion calculations, ignores old jobs system. (10023)
Bug Fix/Improvement: Remove the suffix of furniture's name in GameObjectField (10022)
Bug Fix/Improvement: 1701: Avatar Loading Indicator display wrong. 1703: Avatar Loading Indicator displayed after close outfitwin (10020)
Bug Fix/Improvement: Avatar stand on the furniture in VR (10019)
Bug Fix/Improvement: Fixing an issue with avatar blinking causing a performance issue in large crowds. (10015)
Bug Fix/Improvement: Fixing a bug with avatar loading indicator (10010)
Bug Fix/Improvement: Adds new 'Diamond loading' for avatars which haven't yet loaded their own skeleton (occurs when loading very large numbers of avatars, e.g. 100-500) (10010)
Bug Fix/Improvement: Fixed issue #1696 Some small UI issues (10008)
Bug Fix/Improvement: Speeds up avatar loading by 33% (10006)
New Feature: Adds new Avatar loading scheduler, prioritises avatars nearest to your own avatar when loading avatars. (10005)
Bug Fix/Improvement: Avatar loading now uses Burst compiler near-exclusively it is considerably faster and lighter on the PC (10005)
Bug Fix/Improvement: Avatars will now load one-at-a-time instead of eight-at-a-time, this trades the above performance gain, for a smooth framerate while avatars are loading. We might tweak this. (10005)
New Feature: Avatars now have a progress bar indicating their loading status which loads around the avatar during loading, also useful for seeing clothing bugs. (10005)
Bug Fix/Improvement: make tooltip's text color change with custom color settings. (10002)
Others: 15 changes not listed

September 12

Bug Fix/Improvement: Performance improvement in idle CPU use when there's more than 100 avatars in the scene. (9997)
Others: 6 changes not listed

September 11

Bug Fix/Improvement: Fixed snow get into second floor of Modern Home II,fixed rain drop through ceiling(only flat). (9994)
Others: 4 changes not listed

September 10

Bug Fix/Improvement: Screenshot window will no longer cache its data when logged into the preview server, allowing for easier previewing of snapshot filters and effects. (9991)
New Feature: Added SClickable.Enabled (9990)
Bug Fix/Improvement: will not show "SINESPACE" logo by default (9989)
Bug Fix/Improvement: Fixed issue #1692 Quest with 'Startable Timed Counter' can show several give up buttons,reset the counter while click. (9984)
Bug Fix/Improvement: Fixed issue 1693 Cannot reset the timed counter when do the Quest,fixed reset button won't disappear immediately. (9982)
Bug Fix/Improvement: if find upload contents have material with emission, then do not replace the shader. (9981)
Others: 6 changes not listed

September 9

Bug Fix/Improvement: Fixed press QWER will back to avatar at first time get in the edit room although disable player move. (9977)
New Feature: Add a volume short cut function, that you can adjust master volume, voice volume and mic sensitivity more convenient. (9976)
New Feature: Ports more of avatar loading code to Burst. MeshRemap functions now burst compiled. (9973)
Others: 14 changes not listed

September 8

Bug Fix/Improvement: Fixed 1677 raining in the house,fixed change weather too fast while use Sync to UTC. (9961)
Bug Fix/Improvement: fix on warning: fix on Runtime Project codes and fix previous modified codes (9959)
New Feature: Moves a substantial portion of avatar loading over to Unity Burst Compiler. Improves avatar loading times. (9956)
Bug Fix/Improvement: exclude "ignore raycast", "hidden" layer from the raycast blocker so click to walk now can work normally if the trigger zone is set to those two layers. (9955)
Bug Fix/Improvement: Fixed get the wrong table length in Json (9952)
Others: 18 changes not listed

September 7

Bug Fix/Improvement: Compresses body shape deformation data into a format which is both significantly faster, and more compact. Body shapes now consume significantly less memory, and load faster. (9945)
Bug Fix/Improvement: fix on warning: add #pragma warning disable in 3rd party codes. (9944)
New Feature: Implement SynchroniseToUTC toggle in LiveRoomSkyWindow (9943)
Bug Fix/Improvement: *now inventory window opened by outfit window, edit room mode will use a separated settings for size/position memory. (9940)
Bug Fix/Improvement: fixed issue 1657 that when holding the right and left click , not moving mouse, player will move forward, if move left will walk around left. (9938)
Bug Fix/Improvement: fixed an issue that custom theme font load is null in viewer. (9936)
Others: 12 changes not listed

September 4

Bug Fix/Improvement: auto import unity package as furniture can't import prefabs made by old unity versions. (9934)
New Feature: add list view for inventory window (9933)
Bug Fix/Improvement: EP, resize item function not work in AutoScreenshotTool. (9931)
New Feature: Re-implements server scripting in Superlight server. (9924)
Bug Fix/Improvement: Fixed the issue that the homePage of shopWin can't be scrolled by lasers (9923)
New Feature: Delete CameraEditWin.prefab,move all the interface into SettingWin,Add Tooltip to every interactive object. (9922)
Bug Fix/Improvement: Fix "Disable Fly" still can fly while already in fly mode. (9922)
Bug Fix/Improvement: Fix "Fly Reverse" the Avatar will move while the camera in the fly mode. (9922)
Others: 8 changes not listed

September 3

Bug Fix/Improvement: Fixing non-standalone builds (iOS, Android, etc) (9919)
Bug Fix/Improvement: fix on warning : modify some #pragma disable in 3rd party codes (9918)
New Feature: Now lasers are able to drag window in VR. (9914)
Bug Fix/Improvement: fixed an issue that when cursor in UI, hide UI will break mouse function. And other UI details fix. (9913)
Bug Fix/Improvement: fix on warning : modify some #pragma disable in 3rd party codes (9908)
New Feature: EP, Import Unity Package As Furniture will auto generate images rather than click the Take Screenshot button in Virtual Good inspector. (9903)
Others: 12 changes not listed

September 2

Bug Fix/Improvement: fixed issue 1648 that When left controller aims at nothing and right controller select a interactable object,click the trigger on the left controller will trigger the object. (9901)
Bug Fix/Improvement: fix on warning : Add some #pragma disable in 3rd party codes (9898)
Bug Fix/Improvement: fix an issue that the permission text is hide in chat group info panel. (9895)
Bug Fix/Improvement: Adjust time point of getting the UniqueName for separating each furniture. (9894)
Bug Fix/Improvement: Fixed issue 1666: Item info in inventory cannot show properly (9892)
Others: 6 changes not listed

September 1

Bug Fix/Improvement: reduce the density of SCPE fog to 0.1, make the final effect close to the preview in Editor Pack preview. (9890)
Bug Fix/Improvement: fix on warning : Add some #pragma disable in 3rd party codes (9889)
New Feature: Change EmbeddedVideoBaseInternal and SEmbeddedVideo to allow sync video with the property "SharedPlayback" (9887)
Bug Fix/Improvement: Fixed bug 1667: 2b66 - cannot see or add any Group Requests (9886)
Bug Fix/Improvement: Fixed bug 1668: Ban list in group cannot show the blocked member in 2b67 (9886)
Bug Fix/Improvement: Fixed bug 1669: Group permission cannot show (9886)
Bug Fix/Improvement: Fixing issue with mesh preservation failing on temporary assets (9885)
Bug Fix/Improvement: Fixing issue packaging custom .asset mesh files (9881)
Bug Fix/Improvement: fixed the issue that UI in VR can't block lasers. (9879)
Bug Fix/Improvement: make sure that VIVOX can reconnect after a disconnection (9878)
Bug Fix/Improvement: Create .asset's tool also now works for mesh colliders (9877)
New Feature: Adds "Sinespace/Advanced/Serialization/Create .assets for all instance meshes in scene." tool, for converting scene-instance meshes to actual hard meshes which can be reliably uploaded. (9875)
Others: 7 changes not listed

August 31

Bug Fix/Improvement: Adds LocalDelta mode to FollowBone component which allows copying just the local bone delta (9874)
Bug Fix/Improvement: Fixing iOS issue? (9869)
New Feature: Adds RemoveGravityUnderwater tickbox to Modular Vehicle. Useful for submarines and similar vehicles. (9866)
Bug Fix/Improvement: EP, improve auto screenshot for items. (9865)
New Feature: Adds new FollowBone component, a flexible component for following target bones within attachments, or in scenes. (9864)
Bug Fix/Improvement: If uploader is blocking a upload due to a camera object, select the object. (Helps avoid hidden objects created by 3rd party tools blocking uploads) (9863)
Others: 10 changes not listed

August 28

Bug Fix/Improvement: Fixing mobile builds (9855)
Bug Fix/Improvement: fixed issue 1644 that PopUpMenu do not show after clicked items. (9851)
Bug Fix/Improvement: fix furniture save issues for new added features (9847)
Bug Fix/Improvement: VoiceChatToggleSlave not working with WebRTC (9846)
Others: 15 changes not listed

August 27

Bug Fix/Improvement: Patch fix on 9842 (9844)
New Feature: Allow region admin to change skybox (9839)
Bug Fix/Improvement: Patch Fix on 9822 (9838)
Bug Fix/Improvement: add null test for some options which may not appears in config.xml (9837)
Others: 7 changes not listed

August 26

Bug Fix/Improvement: Fix problem of auto screenshot for particle effects, which will cause an error if number of particle systems is less than the number of extra images. (9824)
Bug Fix/Improvement: Fixed the problem that after you open and close outfit win, the AvatarFeetCycleAnimator will lose controller reference. (9823)
New Feature: Append index to name of furniture when Initialise the region.Reload the region after save. (9822)
Bug Fix/Improvement: Fixed the bug 1621: Avatar's feet sunk in Region Fairfield 3BR (#2118517) (9821)
Bug Fix/Improvement: fixed an error caused by auto-refactor, for EP compile (9818)
Others: 14 changes not listed

August 25

Bug Fix/Improvement: Agora not turning on by default in world streaming. (9814)
Bug Fix/Improvement: Enables engine stripping on iOS to prevent XCode from dying. Thanks XCode. (9813)
Bug Fix/Improvement: Fixing iOS/Vivox build (9807)
Bug Fix/Improvement: move Constants to our namespace to avoid conflicts with other plugin(i.e. Unity ui widgets), refactor all related script files. (9805)
Bug Fix/Improvement: disable scene object duplicate function -- the room edit system doesn't design for that, and it will break scene object inspector change database. Only furniture virtual good can be duplicated. (9800)
Others: 12 changes not listed

August 24

New Feature: Auto Screenshot Tool can be used on particle effects. (9798)
Bug Fix/Improvement: Fixed issues 1590 Sky Effects:Day length didn't work,weather didn't available.Fixed sky edit win didn't close when exit edit mode. (9797)
Bug Fix/Improvement: Fixed bug 1628 for the skin pixelation issue by using original settings when export it. (9796)
Bug Fix/Improvement: Fixed failure to export asset bundles for missing script. (Need server side to upgrade to unity2018.4.24 as well) (9796)
Bug Fix/Improvement: remove reference not used which causing compile error. (9795)
Bug Fix/Improvement: do not using crunched on texture on standalone windows platform, and keep it's compressed method if the texture size is over 2k; (9793)
Others: 4 changes not listed

August 21

Bug Fix/Improvement: add exclude certain elements in foreach loop where define the children color and styles (9790)
Bug Fix/Improvement: reset button in 9754 do not work (9789)
Bug Fix/Improvement: Add separated situation for Button Background bg's Text color. (9788)
Bug Fix/Improvement: Fixes mac build on build server (9787)
Bug Fix/Improvement: optimize chat icon loading sequence (9782)
Others: 4 changes not listed

August 20

Bug Fix/Improvement: Fixing issue with retheming options (9779)
Bug Fix/Improvement: Fixes voice muting in Vivox (9777)
Bug Fix/Improvement: canvas on the second same furniture wont be restored after put in region -- just don't clean the temporarilyDisableCanvasOnItem list, it won't affect other furniture anyway (9773)
Bug Fix/Improvement: now custom theme color can work properly with custom info from website. (9770)
Others: 11 changes not listed

August 19

Bug Fix/Improvement: bug 1631 (9756)