Changes for Sinespace Project

February 16 - April 16

Covers the previous 500 changes. Excludes 388 changes not marked public.

April 16

Bug Fix/Improvement: add try/catch for on receive message in case of one of the process broken. (12347)
Bug Fix/Improvement: Fixed the problem that the scale buttons were not displayed correctly on mobile devices. (12344)
Others: 3 changes not listed

April 15

Bug Fix/Improvement: (Editor Pack) generate user's avatar when using "Play Mode Preview" (12343)
Bug Fix/Improvement: fixed #2161,unlit shader material without shadow caster transparent issue.(unlit shader material without shader caster still got transparent) (12342)

April 14

Bug Fix/Improvement: if turned on bounced lighting and turned of reflection,graphics remain ghost. (12341)
Others: 3 changes not listed

April 13

New Feature: add StartFly and EndFly for player avatar control. Note: it effect to controller state active state, which in theory, can only affect user's avatar itself. (12335)
New Feature: Add SGraphicRaycaster and SUIRaycastResult for raycasting UI elements. (12332)
Bug Fix/Improvement: editor pack: progress stuck when take screenshots for multiple virtual goods. (12331)
Bug Fix/Improvement: Implements bulkpropertyupdate in Superlight-client (12330)
New Feature: Add a tool in EP for modifying the transform of large amounts of objects more efficiently. (12329)
Others: 4 changes not listed

April 12

Bug Fix/Improvement: Audio source is now the avatars head position, not their feet. (12325)
Bug Fix/Improvement: Fixed used two gesture would make stop button disappear. (12324)
Bug Fix/Improvement: Change the annotation of SaveClothingBaseInternal in order to make ClothingItemSetting component support multi-object editing feature. (12323)
Bug Fix/Improvement: add null test to prevent play custom animation error (12322)
Bug Fix/Improvement: Save sibling index to keep sibling index after parent change.To fix SetAbsoluteScale would change sibling index and save won't take effect. (12319)
Bug Fix/Improvement: Adds playerEuler to world streaming data API (in the right branch this time...) (12314)
Others: 8 changes not listed

April 10

Bug Fix/Improvement: Relaxes threads a little to give server some breathing room (12313)

April 9

Bug Fix/Improvement: Fixed issue #2329: OnStateChange event in EmbeddedVideo does not pass the correct new state when transition from Stopped to Play (12309)
Bug Fix/Improvement: Fixed save room permission failed without shoutcastPLS. (12306)
Others: 4 changes not listed

April 8

Bug Fix/Improvement: No sync the select info when the user belongs many category, eg.friend, everyone or a certain group. (12305)
New Feature: Add Cancel() function to stop a running tween in STween. (12303)
New Feature: Add curves to most locomotion animation clips so as to support the foot placement feature. (12302)
Bug Fix/Improvement: AvatarController isn't initialized properly in latest EP, which makes players can't move the avatar. (12299)
New Feature: Add SGameObject.AddAnimator() (12297)
Bug Fix/Improvement: Fixed null reference to make STween usable. (12296)
Others: 4 changes not listed

April 7

Bug Fix/Improvement: Question of remove the selected user that belongs to whole category that have selected all, only click the item that can cancel the selected state; Upgrade part code of MultiFuncWin. (12295)
New Feature: DropDownList now support image list. (12291)
Bug Fix/Improvement: Remove the old interface. (12290)
Bug Fix/Improvement: Remove the old interface. (12289)
Bug Fix/Improvement: move the UpdateServerScripts to a correct place, only execute once after all furniture loaded. (12288)
Others: 5 changes not listed

April 6

Bug Fix/Improvement: Release the restriction for showing number using LoopListView. Support showing more what can be shown. (12286)
Bug Fix/Improvement: Merges avatar join messages into single larger cached message packet to reduce number of packets sent in a busy scene. (12276)
Bug Fix/Improvement: Uses cached network packet for initial state transmission to reduce the number of messages sent if two avatars arrive in short succession. (12276)
Bug Fix/Improvement: Implements fix for serverside terrain (12276)
Bug Fix/Improvement: Modify the ShoutCastWin's UI and Function. (12273)
Bug Fix/Improvement: Remove function of showing invited data in the script of "EventWin". (12272)
Others: 11 changes not listed

April 5

Bug Fix/Improvement: Switching SceneObjectDB representation from JSON to MsgPack (12271)
Bug Fix/Improvement: Implementing SceneObjectDeleteMessage - fixing it so it routes to the correct subcell (12270)
Bug Fix/Improvement: Adding protocol version to Superlight handshakes (12269)
Bug Fix/Improvement: Superlight now transfers property updates in a bulk property update message. (12269)
Bug Fix/Improvement: Property updates now use packet pooling (12269)

April 2

Bug Fix/Improvement: Extend the type of the "FindMore" from the max number of per row three to no restrict when the UI widen. (12268)
Bug Fix/Improvement: lift up male avatars a little bit in order to fix feet sinking problem (which only occurs in MALE characters). (12267)
Others: 5 changes not listed

April 1

Bug Fix/Improvement: Sort when searching in the invitedwin. (12257)
Bug Fix/Improvement: remove unnecessary vertical damping in first person mode. (12255)
Bug Fix/Improvement: Fixing editor pack build (12254)
Bug Fix/Improvement: Fixed missing clothingItemSettings in BodySliderDeformation in some cases. (12253)
Bug Fix/Improvement: Restoring Vivox compatibility with current live release (12252)
New Feature: Adds InventoryAudio; adds missing InventoryMaterial & InventoryTexture meta refs. (12250)
Others: 8 changes not listed

March 31

Bug Fix/Improvement: Latest StableSerializer changes, support for embedded assets. (12249)
Bug Fix/Improvement: Remove the dirty when open the InvitedWin. (12245)
Bug Fix/Improvement: improve the foot placement system. (avoid leg jitter which triggered by certain terrain and building and make body movement more steady) (12242)
Bug Fix/Improvement: Fixed OnColorChange will return wrong value in ColorPickerWin. (12241)
Bug Fix/Improvement: provide an approach to easily deactivate foot placement system in script. (12239)
Bug Fix/Improvement: Use body clamping to avoid avatar body jitter (which happens when avatars walk on narrow beams). (12239)
Bug Fix/Improvement: now user who login a new machine will not try to get his/her region list. (12238)
Bug Fix/Improvement: UI info can't update immediately when modify some one event. (12237)
Others: 5 changes not listed

March 30

Bug Fix/Improvement: Grid owner, Admin and moderator to be able to moderate and delete events. (12230)
Bug Fix/Improvement: unnecessary damping when players rotate the camera through dragging the cursor. (12229)
Bug Fix/Improvement: foot placement system interacts with unexpected layer. (12229)
Bug Fix/Improvement: Fixed Asana #Voice not initializing after teleporting to Stanford Dish Region.(the icon will set inactive now) (12226)
Bug Fix/Improvement: avatar foot sink issue (when wearing high heel shoes) which caused by new foot placement system. (12225)
Bug Fix/Improvement: Add animation curves to some animation clips so as to support foot placement. (12224)
New Feature: New foot placement system. (12223)
Others: 8 changes not listed

March 29

Bug Fix/Improvement: Fixing voice chat, take 2093. (12222)
New Feature: New group email function is available. (12214)
Bug Fix/Improvement: Fixed issue #2284: Passengers with attachments that contain colliders may interact with vehicle colliders (12213)
Others: 9 changes not listed

March 26

Bug Fix/Improvement: Fixed "Leave" button won't disappear if avatar in fly state and sit on seat then press "Leave". (12208)
Bug Fix/Improvement: Fixed can't move when exist edit mode and Avatar can't move toggle is on. (12204)
Others: 6 changes not listed

March 25

Bug Fix/Improvement: Fixing audio energy icons for webrtc speakers (12203)
Bug Fix/Improvement: Trying an alternate method for voice spatialisation. 2/2 (12202)
Bug Fix/Improvement: Trying an alternate method for voice spatialisation. 1/2 (12201)
Bug Fix/Improvement: Changing order of vivox chunk handling to see if it improves voice quality (12200)
Bug Fix/Improvement: Undoing a change to see if voice quality improves (12199)
Bug Fix/Improvement: Better handling of injected voice chunks into audio stream (12198)
Bug Fix/Improvement: Tweaking audio buffer sample injection (12197)
Bug Fix/Improvement: Improving volume slider handling 2/2 (12196)
Bug Fix/Improvement: Improving volume slider handling 1/2 (12195)
Bug Fix/Improvement: Avoids adjusting vivox volume in two places (multiplying the effect) (12194)
Bug Fix/Improvement: Extends default audio buffer size to 60 chunks (1.1 seconds from 0.4 seconds @ 48000Hz) (12193)
Bug Fix/Improvement: Clears next 60ms of audio, allowing for lower framerates before audio breaks up (12192)
Bug Fix/Improvement: Fixed desired height would make camera rotation around x over 90 degrees and if switch to fly camera, camera would rotate upside down. (12190)
Bug Fix/Improvement: fixed an issue the first time active mic but furioos cannot receive the correct data. (12181)
Bug Fix/Improvement: Avatar is perfect except the name tag. (12180)
Others: 12 changes not listed

March 24

Bug Fix/Improvement: Fixing webrtc/viewer interop for audio (12175)
Bug Fix/Improvement: #2243 blockMovement status would memory at SAvatar object. (12170)
Bug Fix/Improvement: Fixing dumb vivox mistake where the mic was permanently muted. (12168)
New Feature: Disconnect photon, VIVOX, XMPP after session expired.And quit application after click exit button. (12167)
Others: 7 changes not listed

March 23

New Feature: Added Space.Scene.OnEditModeAdd and Space.Scene.OnEditMoveRemove (12165)
Bug Fix/Improvement: Hardens script runtime against accidental non-play mode execution (12164)
Bug Fix/Improvement: Removing logspam from Vivox which slows it all down (12163)
Bug Fix/Improvement: Uses new voice routing by default for all clients. (12162)
Bug Fix/Improvement: Trims a tiny GC leak off avatar loading (12160)
Bug Fix/Improvement: Adds new faster duplicate vertex search, seems to work. Speeds up a small part of avatar loading by around 100x. (12158)
Bug Fix/Improvement: Fixed root gameobject of other avatar will not be destroyed when leave region. (12157)
Others: 8 changes not listed

March 22

Bug Fix/Improvement: Weaken native comparer function, depend on DB. (12150)
Bug Fix/Improvement: Avatars can't move when using chord mouse click. (12148)
Bug Fix/Improvement: Avatar instances won't be destroyed when network connection is broken. (12148)
Bug Fix/Improvement: Avatars can't quit gesture animation properly on other users' view. (12148)
Bug Fix/Improvement: Now "Region Owned By UserName" description can show the region owner name instead of "UserName" (12146)
Bug Fix/Improvement: The false parameter receive. (12145)
Bug Fix/Improvement: Extend the parameter of Show that the InvitedWin. (12144)
Bug Fix/Improvement: Fixed unexpected clear current effect which cause standing on the seat.Remove unnecessary ClearCurrentAnimationStatus(). (12143)
New Feature: Expose MainCollider of room furniture to SFurniture. (12142)
Bug Fix/Improvement: Extend the function of select user, and insert to UIManager manage, implementing the embed win and dynamic win. (12141)
Bug Fix/Improvement: In case of the load image error when use ResourceAnsyc(). (12141)
Bug Fix/Improvement: Now the scroll bar of HelpWin can be updated with the text content and auto hide. (12139)
Others: 3 changes not listed

March 20

Bug Fix/Improvement: Latest stable serializer version (12137)
Others: 2 changes not listed

March 19

Bug Fix/Improvement: Vivox crash fixes, round 3. (12136)
Bug Fix/Improvement: Searching result remove the old data. (12133)
Bug Fix/Improvement: CLear the input data when user click new category or enter the "SelectedWin". (12133)
Bug Fix/Improvement: "SelectRegionWin" showing false picture for some regions. (12132)
Bug Fix/Improvement: Searching category of the "Everyone“。 (12129)
Bug Fix/Improvement: At edit room mode,if avatar is sitting,click "exit Edit mode" and avatar can use clickToWalk while sitting (12128)
Bug Fix/Improvement: When avatar is sitting,click snap shot and then exit and the avatar can use clickToWalk while sitting. (12127)
Bug Fix/Improvement: Click the category of the "Everyone" again or this situation slider the scrollbar the showing of the "LoadingTip". (12126)
Bug Fix/Improvement: Fixed click too fast before LoginToDropDown load completed will login to last visit although the grid only have default region to login. (12125)
Others: 5 changes not listed

March 18

Bug Fix/Improvement: Fixes crashes caused by Vivox, round 2. (12123)
Bug Fix/Improvement: Handle with startTime more than 24 in the "CreateEvent". (12122)
Bug Fix/Improvement: UI of the "CreateEvent". (12122)
Bug Fix/Improvement: Fixed other avatars' mark display at wrong place in minimap. (12119)
Bug Fix/Improvement: Fixed some small region can't zoom in/out after first time in minimap. (12119)
Bug Fix/Improvement: Add three new styles:ButtonGhost,ScrollBar_Primary,ScrollBar_Secondary. (12118)
New Feature: Added a method to concatenate playerID and VirtualGoodID,Write the lua interface. (12116)
Bug Fix/Improvement: No Showing the button of "Enter" when user has subscribed a certain event. (12115)
Bug Fix/Improvement: The arrangement of the "CreateEvent". (12115)
Bug Fix/Improvement: if is not in edit mode,short cut of align with view and delete selected could be triggered and throw exception. (12110)
Others: 8 changes not listed

March 17

Bug Fix/Improvement: Internally routed Vivox audio now respects spatialisation settings correctly. (12106)
Bug Fix/Improvement: Fixing Vivox related crashes? (12103)
Bug Fix/Improvement: Handle with startTime more than 24 in the "CreateEvent". (12102)
Bug Fix/Improvement: At object Window Inspector and objects Window,the scroll bar's color does not match the theme color (12101)
Bug Fix/Improvement: Fixed the issue that grid admin can edit the region which is not under current grid. (12099)
Bug Fix/Improvement: At roomInfoWin, EditScroll panel scrolls too slow. (12097)
Bug Fix/Improvement: Fixed cannot search user who already added as members in public region but set his role as Normal. (12096)
Bug Fix/Improvement: First open "SelectUserWin" and then reference null. (12095)
Others: 11 changes not listed

March 16

Bug Fix/Improvement: Assigns spatial properties to Vivox audio outputs (12092)
Bug Fix/Improvement: Background music and audio will now quieten while someone is speaking (12091)
Bug Fix/Improvement: Vivox audio is now routed into the Unity audio engine, allowing for spatial FX and other things to be applied. (12090)
Bug Fix/Improvement: Fixed issue that some furniture can't be saved. (12087)
Bug Fix/Improvement: Searching function of "FindMore" in the "MyEvents". (12086)
Bug Fix/Improvement: EveryOne showing when the user is grid's owner. (12086)
Bug Fix/Improvement: Modify the color for Sub bar of category in the "InviteUserWin". (12086)
Bug Fix/Improvement: The border question of "CreateEventsWin". (12086)
Bug Fix/Improvement: Outfit win drag to other panel then close and loading avatar would never over.(This patch Could break something?) (12081)
Bug Fix/Improvement: try fix plugin EmojiText broken after Unity 2018.4.26 (12080)
Bug Fix/Improvement: Fixed the issue that region admin can't set himself as a floor owner. (12079)
New Feature: Issue 2219: Mic on should only show 'do you want to?' warning the first time you enable it in a session (12078)
Bug Fix/Improvement: try fix room edit save issue: legacy problem -- when enable/disable some items, the field name may registered as "Is Active", which is not correct, it should be "activeSelf", so *Change the field name to "activeSelf" when store data, and *when restore the data, try replace "Is Active" to "activeSelf" if there is any. (12077)
Bug Fix/Improvement: Fixed the issue that when you are not in member list, you can't add your self to the member list. (12076)
Others: 10 changes not listed

March 15

Bug Fix/Improvement: No event tip when enter the "AllEvents: (12075)
Bug Fix/Improvement: Happen to error when fill the max value of the "StartTime" 24:00 in the "CreateEventWin". (12074)
Bug Fix/Improvement: Showing error when click the button that can be used to reject some invited events, and the look like X. (12074)
Bug Fix/Improvement: Showing the whole tip line when create event, and some showing other UI. (12074)
Others: 8 changes not listed

March 12

Bug Fix/Improvement: The min size auto resize of the "SelectRegion" and "SelectUser". (12061)
Bug Fix/Improvement: Make the InnerParmeter class for convenience to init MultiFuncWin. (12060)
Bug Fix/Improvement: Deal with image when not load the image of the target. (12060)
Bug Fix/Improvement: InvitedWin question of searching. (12060)
Bug Fix/Improvement: Avoid 0,0,0 scale with speaker in some case. (12059)
Bug Fix/Improvement: Now the UIScaleButtons can Init as Screen Width resize (12058)
Bug Fix/Improvement: Fixed other player play MultiAvatar gesture would make yourself judged as playing gesture. (12057)
Bug Fix/Improvement: Fixed issue #2177: Avatar doesn't sync on network while attached to object (12056)
Bug Fix/Improvement: Player can't move if delete vehicle form above. (12055)
Bug Fix/Improvement: Fixed issue #2192: Avatars on seats appear offset on other viewers. (12054)
Bug Fix/Improvement: Remove the directly selected all members situation when you first click the a certain group. (12052)
Bug Fix/Improvement: Inactive when the selected region no available landmark or bookmark, or active. (12052)
Bug Fix/Improvement: Resize the word of the "SelectRegion" and "SelectUser". (12052)
Others: 5 changes not listed

March 11

Bug Fix/Improvement: Inactive when the selected region no available landmark or bookmark, or active. (12051)
Bug Fix/Improvement: issue 2204: Replace "UI Scale" slider in Settings window with buttons (12050)
Bug Fix/Improvement: Only set Vivox API data once logged in, not beforehand. (12049)
Bug Fix/Improvement: change icon and layout of the "CreateEvent". (12045)
Others: 3 changes not listed

March 10

Bug Fix/Improvement: fixed WebRtc auto login will ignore EULAPanel. (12044)
Bug Fix/Improvement: change icon and layout of the "CreateEvent". (12043)
Bug Fix/Improvement: Clickables ignore trigger colliders (12040)
Bug Fix/Improvement: auto layout of the "CreateEvent". (12039)
Others: 3 changes not listed

March 9

Bug Fix/Improvement: Fixing iOS build (12037)
New Feature: (12035)
Bug Fix/Improvement: Event calendar component now defaults to built-in event system (12034)
New Feature: Region reset function is available now. (12033)
Bug Fix/Improvement: Fixed issue #0002199: LUA # operator not working as it should (12032)
Bug Fix/Improvement: fixed icon won't change switch gizmo type by shortcut. (12031)
Others: 10 changes not listed

March 8

Bug Fix/Improvement: Vivox enabled for iOS and Android (12029)
Bug Fix/Improvement: Fixed the issue that if you changed a child object of a furniture then the furniture updated with different child object structure, that might cause sibling index disorder problem which act like you can't save the child objects information. (12028)
Bug Fix/Improvement: Fixed Sync of furniture inspector change. (12027)
Bug Fix/Improvement: fixed the second saved data of euler angles and rotation would cover the first one. (12026)
Bug Fix/Improvement: remove "(clone)" in clothes name before compare when restore the cloth collider info -- Clothes uploaded via 2018 has (Clone) in name which will break the comparison, return unexpected result. However there are also other comparison of names which some may both have "(Clone)" or not, so use two temp string, removed the "(Clone)" and then do the compare. Please note to check the name comparison if any one met issue of this part in future. (12020)
Others: 6 changes not listed

March 5

Bug Fix/Improvement: Fixed move one tab to other tab,and select other tab.And press the previous one tab's button. the tab's interface would cover the active tab interface.etc map win, room info win, shop win.(This could break something else. (12015)
Bug Fix/Improvement: Now the UIScrollbar's max limit is depending on the current resolution,and can change scroll value as the window's resizing dynamically. (12014)
Bug Fix/Improvement: light scroll bar shows wrong in advanced setting of editroom.(Could break some region light intensity setting) (12013)
New Feature: (12011)
Bug Fix/Improvement: Fixed get the wrong items when click "Brand Name" and when get 0 items will have retry 3 times. (12010)
Bug Fix/Improvement: Fixed show wrong items when click very fast to switch sorting category. (12010)
New Feature: (12007)
New Feature: (12006)
Others: 12 changes not listed

March 4

Bug Fix/Improvement: Internal error handling in StyledGraphic (12005)
New Feature: (11998)
New Feature: (11997)
Bug Fix/Improvement: Fixed the issue that when save furniture in room edit mode, it sometimes flash back to the old position. (11995)
Bug Fix/Improvement: Sometimes image would be replaced by other region info when switch tab to and back. (11992)
Others: 13 changes not listed

March 3

Bug Fix/Improvement: Click "Stop Gesture" will stop all gesture used by lua script. (11987)
Bug Fix/Improvement: Fixed issue #2150: VFB: Master Volume does not modify Voice Volume (11984)
Bug Fix/Improvement: Stocked message of region and group channel would be displayed by show chat,even you have left that region or chat zone. (11980)
Others: 21 changes not listed

March 2

Bug Fix/Improvement: Few tweaks to default performance settings (11969)
Bug Fix/Improvement: fixed click the url of EULAPanel's content can't open the web page normally. (11968)
Bug Fix/Improvement: fix User registration issues caused by 11928 (11962)
Others: 16 changes not listed

March 1

Bug Fix/Improvement: Fix can't move/fly while leaving seat immediately. (11957)
Bug Fix/Improvement: if one item doesn't have image,the loaded before may cover this image. (11956)
New Feature: Add 2128: SUIInputField.ActivateInputField() SUIInputField.DeactivateInputField() SUIInputField.Select() (11948)
Bug Fix/Improvement: Fixed issue #2129: Space.Input.MouseLook = true is not working (11938)
Others: 38 changes not listed

February 27

Bug Fix/Improvement: Tweaks to sprite packing layouts and ETC compression to speed up builds (11934)

February 26

New Feature: Add SVideos for enable upload videos to sinespace. (11929)
New Feature: End users when logging in to breakroom for the first time should agree to breakroom terms of service (11928)
Bug Fix/Improvement: Fixed the issue that when you put a furniture in the region, it won't be auto selected. (11927)
Others: 4 changes not listed

February 25

Others: 14 changes not listed

February 24

Bug Fix/Improvement: Fixed that the avatar cannot crouch while the mouse is over the UI. (11914)
New Feature: Add Audio Source Lua api.(PlayClipAtPoint) (11913)
New Feature: Add OnUploadStart event in SPhotos.And modify some code to fit SVideo. (11909)
Others: 7 changes not listed

February 23

Bug Fix/Improvement: Open Bundle won't load item image in inventory win. Now open bundle would refresh inventory.Does the same thing of refresh button. (11897)
Bug Fix/Improvement: ZoneSpatial can't be showed because it was casted to IntVal. (11896)
Bug Fix/Improvement: why did I exclude read config grid id from webRTC... (11894)
New Feature: If FaceUserOnPlacement set to true, furniture would face to camera on placement.This would work only place on floor. (11893)
Others: 29 changes not listed

February 22

Bug Fix/Improvement: Fixed the bug 0002023: GameObject with Particle System defaulting to Loop == true. (11889)
Bug Fix/Improvement: The VAD Indicator can display continuously when continuing talk. (11886)
Others: 12 changes not listed

February 20

Bug Fix/Improvement: Disabled the use of shortcuts when editing rooms. (11876)
New Feature: issue 1986 Add "version number copy to clipboard" button to top right viewer icon (11875)
Bug Fix/Improvement: Fixed the bug that the recipient animate camera is broken in two-person gesture. (11870)
Bug Fix/Improvement: Fixed the bug that when you do Space.UI.ShowUI = false, it hides the UI, then you can never enter Mouse Look Mode because the Mouse Look Prompt is not showing. (11869)
Others: 8 changes not listed

February 19

Bug Fix/Improvement: Reworks how parent/child relations are stored in Stable Serializer, to make reparenting objects as a diff easier. (2) (11868)
Bug Fix/Improvement: Speeds up guest/registration effects in login screen (11866)
Bug Fix/Improvement: Reworks how parent/child relations are stored in Stable Serializer, to make reparenting objects as a diff easier. (11865)
Bug Fix/Improvement: disable the set CacheStreamSize, use its default value, otherwise the cache size will be set to 0 (11864)
Bug Fix/Improvement: Size was restricted by min size and shows strange. (11863)
New Feature: Enable OnParticleTrigger() in Lua SDK.Add SParticle to control each particle.Add Set/GetTriggerParticles in SParticleSystem. (11850)
Others: 22 changes not listed

February 18

New Feature: Very dodgy but working Oculus Quest 2 support. (11844)
Bug Fix/Improvement: fixed the "Year" shows incompletely of PaymentWin at Mac (11837)
Bug Fix/Improvement: If QualityLighting was turned off as last client running,turn on QualityLighting won't take effect. (11836)
Bug Fix/Improvement: half the base MouseLook speed(from 360f to 180f). Current move speed it too fast with the default Mouse sensitivity. (11834)
Bug Fix/Improvement: *add "" into trust site list; (11833)
Others: 7 changes not listed

February 16