Changes for Sinespace Project

December 9 - January 15

Covers the previous 500 changes. Excludes 484 changes not marked public.

January 15

Bug Fix/Improvement: Fixed issue #1977: Although the event region isn't exist anymore, the event won't be deleted. (11419)
Bug Fix/Improvement: The element out of the window when I narrow win. Add min size for colorpickerwin. (11418)
Bug Fix/Improvement: fix some invalid operation to owner of roomInfoWin and groupInfo (11416)
Bug Fix/Improvement: Remove setStatue's "delete" function when there is only friends at friend-only room's memberList. (11416)
Bug Fix/Improvement: The mail window closes and the mail is set to read. (11409)
New Feature: Now RoomFloor RestrictPlacement is available. (11406)
Bug Fix/Improvement: Improves reference handling in serializer (11400)
Bug Fix/Improvement: Adding a few messages to the outfit window when the save button is disabled explaining why. (11397)
Bug Fix/Improvement: Null reference of screen shot filter auto focus target of costume. And get correct look at transform. (11395)
Others: 61 changes not listed

January 14

Bug Fix/Improvement: The background image uploaded to the profile by taking photos cannot be updated in time. (11391)
Bug Fix/Improvement: Miss object reference in Room Search LoopListView. (11390)
Bug Fix/Improvement: Fixed the problem that the search function doesn't work in region public mode. (11388)
Bug Fix/Improvement: ignore switch template, use clothes items action during the avatar loading to prevent potential issue(may cause error of access item already destroyed then freeze the outfit window when close) (11380)
Others: 19 changes not listed

January 13

New Feature: Added moderator and trusted roles with new search functions and new UIs in roominfowin. (11359)
Others: 22 changes not listed

January 12

Bug Fix/Improvement: add an option in quest designer which can show other avatar in quest conversation(default is hide other avatar), need EP, client and processing server update to take effect. (11355)
Bug Fix/Improvement: issue 1971: There is no dropdown slider in the Help window. (11352)
New Feature: SearchEveryOne in friends win.Not include Spanish and French translation. (11351)
New Feature: Add mute/unmute function for BrowserSurface,also implement in lua. (11348)
Bug Fix/Improvement: add try catch when restore the furniture data to avoid an error break whole process line (11347)
Bug Fix/Improvement: clean the old data which causing error in furniture saved data to make sure the normal process can go through. (11346)
New Feature: Add "delete friend" on the basis of "add friend" when clicking other avatar (11345)
Others: 6 changes not listed

January 11

Bug Fix/Improvement: Message Logical error of 11341 (11344)
Bug Fix/Improvement: No HighLight of costume. (11343)
Bug Fix/Improvement: Fixed issue #1973: Spawn a pet and delete it in inventory can't make it disappear. (11340)
Bug Fix/Improvement: return station url to the input field when use select play track from a URL from shoutcast win (11335)
Bug Fix/Improvement: fixed an issue that select track button in ShoutCast win doesn't work. (11334)
Bug Fix/Improvement: Breaking change: Vivox upgrade (incompatible with earlier versions) (11332)
Others: 8 changes not listed

January 10

Bug Fix/Improvement: Separates signalling for preview vs live. (11329)
Bug Fix/Improvement: Fixing typo in the login screen (oops) (11328)
Bug Fix/Improvement: Fixing global messaging infrastructure (11326)
Bug Fix/Improvement: Removing SNetwork.ReconnectGlobalNetwork - should not be here. (11321)
Bug Fix/Improvement: Removing SNetwork.OnGlobalNetworkDisconnect - should not be here. (11321)
Bug Fix/Improvement: Warning - SNetwork.SubcribeToGlobalNetwork will have its typo fixed on Jan 20th, 2021. (11321)
Bug Fix/Improvement: Improving reconnection logic for global network messages (11321)
Others: 8 changes not listed

January 9

Bug Fix/Improvement: Fixing issue with restoring inspector changed data (11316)
Bug Fix/Improvement: FocusCamera won't break if added to an object that already has a ClickableActivator. (11315)
Others: 3 changes not listed

January 8

Bug Fix/Improvement: If playing gesture enter edit mode without lock avatar on.You can move around playing gesture (11310)
Bug Fix/Improvement: Active an inactive game object has child would loop to enable and disable game object's child. (11303)
Bug Fix/Improvement: while effect is looping,CanMove would be set to true after stopped and self instantiate. (11299)
Bug Fix/Improvement: Press T to enable apply root motion would jump really high and rotation won't be toke back. Now press T to disable apply root motion would reset local rotation and position. (11296)
Bug Fix/Improvement: ResetOutfitToTemplate will refresh inventory, ensuring that quests relying on the presence of a inventory item will proceed. (11292)
Others: 30 changes not listed

January 7

Bug Fix/Improvement: More robustly delivers session data if it is lost in WebRTC. (11289)
Bug Fix/Improvement: Gamepads are defaulted to off --- too many bad devices injecting weird data in (11288)
Bug Fix/Improvement: SSO logins if applied after the initial search period will now correctly work. (11287)
Bug Fix/Improvement: Gesture would be stuck by exit snapshot. (11281)
Bug Fix/Improvement: Fixed some vehicle will lose control when deactivate them. (11276)
Bug Fix/Improvement: if search result description is include several fields of info combined, the translation may not work correctly issue (11275)
Bug Fix/Improvement: optimize the left/right button, make it works more like a scroll bar function. (11273)
Bug Fix/Improvement: SpaceNavigator tilt works correctly now. (11270)
Others: 16 changes not listed

January 6

Bug Fix/Improvement: More fullscreen toggles in webrtc (11263)
Bug Fix/Improvement: Preventing (more) application exit from WebRTC (11262)
Bug Fix/Improvement: Avatar join noise will play no more than once per 5 seconds. Loading into a crowd no longer makes a "Brrrriinnrrrrbbbrrrrrbrrrrrrriiinnnrrppttbbbrrrriiiiirrrrrrrrrrr" noise. (11259)
Bug Fix/Improvement: Prevents batch request from requesting no avatars (11258)
Bug Fix/Improvement: Supressing profile icon warning 2/2 (11257)
Bug Fix/Improvement: Suppressing avatar icon warning 1/2 (11256)
Bug Fix/Improvement: Fixing issue where avatars aren't loading (11255)
Bug Fix/Improvement: Restoring Ctrl+Shift+L log upload. Also added /upload_log chat command. (11254)
Bug Fix/Improvement: Null reference of audio source if StartTime is not 0. (11250)
Bug Fix/Improvement: Fixed some vehicles won't get the right channel and Vehicle Behaviour scripts. (11249)
Bug Fix/Improvement: add missing UI options; add a ForceClose option (11245)
New Feature: SimpleStateMachine can now be told to ignore requests to switch to its current state. (11242)
Bug Fix/Improvement: Adding custom inspector for SWButton that shows the NamedID field (11241)
Bug Fix/Improvement: Bulk avatar loading will retry an avatar _once_ 30 seconds later if the first result was empty (i.e. the avatar is being regenerated) (11239)
Bug Fix/Improvement: Fixing a dumb bug in BatchLoader2.0 (11236)
Others: 22 changes not listed

January 5

Bug Fix/Improvement: Reworks avatar batch loading process (11232)
New Feature: Added Space.Chat.JoinGridVoice (white label only) (11231)
Bug Fix/Improvement: Uses network seed for avatar title - before details fetch is completed. (11229)
Bug Fix/Improvement: Changes /teleport to /teleport [instanceid] (11228)
Bug Fix/Improvement: make quest track panel expandable. (11213)
Others: 24 changes not listed

January 4

New Feature: Space.LoginTime returns total seconds since user logged in. (11202)
New Feature: Add SSO login function. (11201)
Bug Fix/Improvement: Eliminate the effect of "shift" key to "control" key in shortcuts function. (11192)
Bug Fix/Improvement: #1959 Separate focal length and focus distance. (11190)
Bug Fix/Improvement: Fixed reported bug in issue 1945. (11183)
Others: 25 changes not listed

January 3

Bug Fix/Improvement: Fixing version numbers on nightly builds. (Also switching to 2021.1 as current version number.) (11178)
Others: 3 changes not listed

January 2

Bug Fix/Improvement: StartableOutfitRequirement now recognizes outfits changed through Lua scripts for custom UIs. (11170)
New Feature: RoomFurniture now has a list of configurables (ScriptingRuntime/ScriptingData) that can be associated with it, making interactive objects easier to configure in live room editor. (11166)
Bug Fix/Improvement: More shader variant stripping (11165)
Bug Fix/Improvement: Removing very slight memory leak from iOS build (11163)
Bug Fix/Improvement: Stripping lightmapping variants from hair shaders (squeezing memory from iOS build...) (11162)
Others: 10 changes not listed

January 1

Bug Fix/Improvement: Maybe fix chat for IL2CPP builds (e.g. iOS) (11160)
Bug Fix/Improvement: Fixes asset loading using the new reference counting asset loader on iOS/Android/consoles. (11159)
New Feature: Added "Move Object To Camera" button in room editor. Similar to "Align With View" in Unity. (11157)
Others: 3 changes not listed

December 31

Bug Fix/Improvement: #1960 Mannequin shall have an animator. (11152)
New Feature: Can detect the foremost panel,and the foremost panel's color is more obvious. (11151)
Bug Fix/Improvement: Press "Return" keycode when you focus on the foremost panel,then you can focus on the input field.And Exit the input field when press "Escape" button. (11151)
Bug Fix/Improvement: *make sure chat channel joined via SChat can exit normally when change region; (11142)
Others: 31 changes not listed

December 30

Bug Fix/Improvement: RandomAnimationPosition doesn't work. Add animation event at start and remove this event after first play. (11131)
Bug Fix/Improvement: Fixed youtube video playing in client side. (11127)
Bug Fix/Improvement: Webcam button will now appear to be off when screenshare is enabled. (11123)
Bug Fix/Improvement: SUI.ShowActivityPanel should work now. (11122)
Bug Fix/Improvement: Activity panel no longer missing component. (11121)
Others: 30 changes not listed

December 29

Bug Fix/Improvement: NPC's Shader won't be replaced if scale is lager than 1.5. (11118)
Bug Fix/Improvement: Disable Shadows only work after set Material. (11118)
New Feature: Avatar Load Batch support. (11117)
Bug Fix/Improvement: Fixing iOS build (2/2) (11112)
Bug Fix/Improvement: Fixing iOS build (1/2) (11111)
Others: 17 changes not listed

December 28

New Feature: Added Space.Grid.PlayerIsAdmin for grid admin, different from region admin. White Label Only. (11107)
Bug Fix/Improvement: Space.Scene.Find / FindID should no longer cause an exception that terminates the script if object is not found. (11105)
Bug Fix/Improvement: #1957,Collider is necessary and should be noticed on wiki.and BaseTemplateID not work for outfit,use PlayerOutfitID instead,this may cause problem to old assets. (11098)
New Feature: Add AttachmentHelper Lua api.(Follow items can be set for players) (11097)
Bug Fix/Improvement: volume get value is 0 (11096)
Bug Fix/Improvement: #1954 Implement run animation replacement. (11093)
Others: 14 changes not listed

December 25

Bug Fix/Improvement: Misc toggles alignment was not upper left. (11091)
Bug Fix/Improvement: Original animator won't be saved after reload avatar if it has bad network or reload by outfit win hide. (11090)
Bug Fix/Improvement: Item loading bar won't show if use item. (11089)

December 24

Bug Fix/Improvement: Fixed a error that the room info displays mistakenly when creating a group. (11087)
Others: 7 changes not listed

December 23

Bug Fix/Improvement: Events button no longer has the same UUID as Explore button. (11078)
New Feature: Added Space.Grid to Lua SDK for accessing grid information on white labels. (11077)
Bug Fix/Improvement: ScriptingData components now editable in Live Room Inspector. (11076)
New Feature: Add function transfer message based on SignalR, for share message between different region/shards (11072)
Bug Fix/Improvement: Hide MenuBar item in SUI won't resize menu bar length (11070)
New Feature: Add StartRecording ,StopRecording and StringToHash. (11066)
Bug Fix/Improvement: If in edit mode, switch region as accept teleport invitation won't exit edit mode (11064)
Others: 22 changes not listed

December 22

Others: 14 changes not listed

December 21

Others: 7 changes not listed

December 18

Bug Fix/Improvement: if DisplayedName is null, click can't be registered. (11031)
Bug Fix/Improvement: Add "Minimum-Window-Size" plugin to set minimum size of window build. (11030)
Others: 14 changes not listed

December 17

Bug Fix/Improvement: move teleport button out of the "more" sub-menu. (11014)
Others: 17 changes not listed

December 16

Bug Fix/Improvement: Fixing an issue where avatars leaving before they join the region server caused a region server thread crash. (11010)
Bug Fix/Improvement: Fixing bulk update issue in Superlight (11009)
Bug Fix/Improvement: Shop item preview won't focus on item. (11002)
Bug Fix/Improvement: Add "full screen/window mode" function in the settings. (11001)
Bug Fix/Improvement: Fixed the datetime input format problem in EventWin (10999)
Bug Fix/Improvement: Active of children won't be saved. (10987)
New Feature: Add SAvatar.TeleportToNextEvent, so creator can Teleport user to next event which will start in a defined time, also return the time to next event if it's out of the defined time. If none available event, it returns -1. (10985)
Bug Fix/Improvement: Active change won't be upload if active was changed by toggle in hierarchy. (10984)
Others: 22 changes not listed

December 15

Bug Fix/Improvement: Quests respect stylesheet colours (10981)
Bug Fix/Improvement: If child position or rotation changed,parent's position or rotation may covered by child (10975)
Bug Fix/Improvement: fixed an issue that screenshot by lua script returns a grey image (10974)
Bug Fix/Improvement: in webrtc mode, open a new tab in local browser when sharing a snapshot instead of in the remote VM (10969)
Others: 9 changes not listed

December 14

New Feature: Player can't select items not include scene items and furniture. (10967)
Bug Fix/Improvement: Fixed issue 0001937: Lack of Tool-tips in the client's window. (10962)
Others: 8 changes not listed

December 11

Bug Fix/Improvement: Fixing support for shadowmask lighting modes with new lightmap packager. (10956)
New Feature: All Event (10952)
New Feature: All Event (10951)
New Feature: All Event (10950)
New Feature: All Event (10949)
New Feature: All Event (10948)
New Feature: All Event (10947)
New Feature: All Event (10946)
New Feature: All Event (10945)
New Feature: All Event (10944)
New Feature: All Event (10943)
New Feature: All Event (10942)
New Feature: All Event (10941)
New Feature: All Event (10940)
Bug Fix/Improvement: CloseButton on panel can't close panel if channel type is not user or group.And if there is other panel generated by other function like friends,those tab would be closed with other function's tab. (10939)
Bug Fix/Improvement: If move every tab from chat win to other panel.Hide Chat button won't work. (10939)
New Feature: Chat win default tab would back to default panel after closed. (10939)
New Feature: If the last one tab in default panel was moved to other panel,SystemTab's panel would be the DefaultPanel. (10939)
Bug Fix/Improvement: If dynaRes on and off , highlight would not take effect. (10937)
Bug Fix/Improvement: Fixed that the color input field can't input and show color,because of too small input field. (10935)
Others: 8 changes not listed

December 10

Bug Fix/Improvement: #1949 Clear exit vehicle button in CleanupVehicle. (10934)
Bug Fix/Improvement: If a gameobject with rigidbody has two clickable in two objects with collider,it would get clicable from rigidbody root and always trigger the first order clickable. (10932)
Bug Fix/Improvement: Fixed issue #1939: Lack of Tool-tips in the snapshot mode.Update related translations. (10931)
Bug Fix/Improvement: ToolTip display too long than TipText. (10930)
Bug Fix/Improvement: If other player reconnect,avatar would convulse sometimes.But this is not the perfect method to solve it,server report MoveMode still goes wrong. (10929)
Bug Fix/Improvement: Fixed issue #1945: The re-target function of snapshot can't undo. (10928)
Bug Fix/Improvement: Animator won't be restored if ride a vehicle with animation override while avatar flying. (10927)
Others: 4 changes not listed

December 9

Bug Fix/Improvement: 1933: There is no drop down slider in the setting window. (10924)
Bug Fix/Improvement: #1943 If CineMachine Brain update method is "Fixed Update",the re-entry of flymode would be noticeable and make camera trembling.And disable virtual camera on modularvehicle in editmode. (10923)
Bug Fix/Improvement: Block donate function in preview server.When got donate will show notice and get a mail.Update related translations. (10922)
Bug Fix/Improvement: #1935 But DisableByDefault value is still necessary there?LightBeam is Disabled by default,but user can toggle LightBeam off and on to enable it. (10920)